Help with accessing your downloads

When you place your order and complete your purchase, you will receive notification that your downloads are ready. You will also receive an email with a link to them.

  • Please ensure that the email address and other information that you enter at time of ordering is correct. 


1. Notification of your order being ready. Click to download. (you will also receive an email)

 help with your order


2. You will download a PDF file which contains the links to your files for both Canva and Google Drive. Please note that the files in Canva are editable whereas the files on Google Drive are in JPG Format. 

Help with your files 2


3. Once you click on your chosen link file for Canva, you will see the following screen pop up. Help with your files 3

4. Click "use template", and the file will open up in Canva for you to use or edit


5. Should you wish to find your file(s) in Canva at any time, they will be shown under "all your designs", or "shared with you" tab that you see on the image below. 

Order Process 6


6. Should you be using Google Drive. Click the link to Google Drive on the PDF that you received with your order. 

Help with your order 7.5


7. This will either open automatically on Google Drive or you can access this by going to Google in your browser. At the top right hand side, you will see 9 little dots. Click on this and select Google Drive (you can also just search for Google Drive in your browser as you would with any search) and click to sign in or sign up. 

help with your files 8


8. Once in Google Drive, you will find your files by clicking on the "shared with me", tab at the left hand side. (see below). 

help with your files 9

9. Simply unzip your files and enjoy!!